Scott Turner Photography

A picture can be worth more than a thousand words.

Unlike so many others, Scott Turner is not just a photographer, he is a professional practicing photojournalist and has been capturing weddings, corporate imagery, portraits and other commercial photography for more than 30 years.

Scott Turner Weddings
Artistic wedding-day photographs come through expressive photojournalism techniques, with a fun non-pushy twist, while attention-to-detail as required for corporate work is never out-of-mind. And combining these practices allows for fantastic portraits.

Scott’s wedding portraits are unique and push the creative envelope. He has developed and employs a comprehensive system that allows you to truly be yourself, without missing other valued moments of the day or even scene. This while helping manage your timeline and creativity as a true professional always will. With this mindset Scott is able to allow the event to unfold naturally, yet always alert and at the ready ensuring genuine moments are never missed, while also being as discreet as possible so you enjoy your wedding or event without worry or concern.

A word directly from Scott:
Scott Turner
Myth: All photographers are alike. I will introduce you to very specific wedding and event photography services I offer -- that others simply don’t, or can’t. I capture the true essence of romance, personality and fun of your special day. I provide a relaxed experience that lets you truly be you. I will turn your emotions into images of your dreams.

I shoot an endless digital wedding (usually a few thousand-plus shots) and then carefully scrutinize and curate the result into a thousand or so finished works that include black & white, color and even some specialty-effects images.

Scott Turner Photojournalism
I provide my clients with a high-resolution DVD and CDs that you keep at no extra fee, and happily provide up to a full eight-hours of photographic coverage for each of my wedding packages. All my offerings also include a one-hour free engagement session (an $800 value).

Being an award-winning photojournalist and a candid specialist, my unique style and unobtrusive nature allow relaxed and natural-looking photographs that will practically jump out at you. Real art happens in the sequences of passion you can't plan for. It's in this place at that exact time where you, your heart, and raw emotion are truly vulnerable. This is where I excel, capturing precise moments that you can enjoy and relive forever.