Scott Turner Photography

A picture can be worth more than a thousand words.

Anyone can point-and-click a camera, we get it. We also know there are more professional photographers than you can shake a stick at. It's a buyer's market and you have the power and control to choose. So why Scott Turner Photography?

Genuine award-winning photojournalism experience gives Scott the eye and experience to capture the unanticipated moments in a story-telling way sure to evoke emotional contemplation. It's about photographic style and how your story is told. Certainly there are the always-wanted posed-shots, but also are the unique, thought-provoking memorable vignettes and those unexpected fragments of impulsive wonder.

Scott Turner Photojournalism
It's not just capturing the most poignant moment, it also has much to do with angles and perspectives in order to add that emotional element in just the right way to be sure the true story is told accurately and completely. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is up to the photographer to choose which thousand words to convey and in what context. Here is where Scott Turner Photography excels beyond most competitors: in the photojournalistic style.

The experience that Scott draws from is unmatched by most photographers in the wedding and portrait world. With an easy-going attitude, mixed with his numerous years in the news business, he is able to relax clients and find the real you, without the contrived “say cheese on three” approach. Scott’s photojournalistic shooting style is more than just snapping away and hoping to capture something, anything worth keeping.

Scott Turner Weddings
It is about being able to anticipate those oh-so-special moments before they happen. Knowing his clients allows him to be in the right place at that exact right time. It's always seeking the perfect light... the right angle... the right framing of the image, making the right lens selection and knowing exactly what the final image will look like before releasing the shutter to capture that perfect shot.

However, do be careful, don’t wait too long. Scott is one of the most sought after wedding professionals in Western Washington and his calendar fills quickly.

Welcome to Scott Turner Photography.